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Heaven 17 - Where can Y O U see them this year?

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Heaven 17 emerged from the post split wreckage of the first edition of The Human League .
Heaven 17 took the name of a fictional band in the novel (later a film) 'A Clockwork Orange' by Anthony Burgess.

Phil Oakey remained and retained the Human League band name and after recruiting 17 year old Susanne Sulley and 18 year old Joane Catherall one night in the Crazy Daisy Disco in Sheffield the rebranded band went on to achieve worldwide fame.

Heaven 17 were born and since 1980 until 2005 the line up was:-

  • Glenn Gregory: lead vocals - born Sheffield 16 May 1958
  • Martyn Ware: synths - born Sheffield 19 May 1956
  • Ian Craig Marsh: synths - born Sheffield 11 November 1956
Ian left the band but Martin and Glenn remain.
The debut Heaven 17 album, 'Penthouse and Pavement', was nocturnally recorded whilst Phil Oakey's new Human League recorded their album 'Dare' in the same studio which was co-owned by both bands. The Human League recorded 'Dare' during the day.
Penthouse and Pavement and Dare have both become must have items for anyone with an interest in music of the 1980's.

The full list of albums released are:-

  • Penthouse and Pavement = released: 1981
  • The Luxury Gap = released: 1983
  • How Men Are = released: 1984
  • Pleasure One = released 1986
  • Teddy Bear, Duke and Psycho = released 1988
  • Bigger than America = released 1997
  • Before After = released November 2005
  • Naked As Advertised Versions '08 = released November 2008
Heaven 17 continue to feature on most compilations of 80's hits one of the latest being 12 inch / 80's /2 the second volume of extended mixes.

With the release in October 2005 of Before After Heaven 17 have shown that they are not history and sound as good today as they have ever done.


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Heaven 17


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